Pct day 96

September 9

1560 – 1571

We left late morning and took a meandering backroad path into the hills. We dropped into Castella to get snacks at the store. It’s an antique building, stone with large brass doors encasing an older building. There was an empty campground at the trailhead. We had lunch and then my parents left to drive back to the Bay Area. 

I started walking. Oh yeah, I have new shoes. They need some breaking in. Within a few miles, my feet were already aching. Especially the arch on my right foot. I had to take frequent breaks to prop my feet on rocks.

Look! Pitcher Plants!

I stopped at one gorgeous lookout and ate dinner. It was tempting to camp there, but I suspected it would get cold. I kept going. There were toads in the path. They barely moved when I petted them. I bet toads taste horrible and no predator eats more than one.

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