Pct day 91 Halfway There!

August 30

Butt Mountain – Chester

I slept on Butt Mountain, hahaha. It was a beautiful sunrise, over some far-off lake. There’s cell reception on Butt Mountain too, and my weird treewell cowboy camp was nice and cozy. Maybe a little sappy. 
And then here’s the crazy thing that happened. I crossed the half way mark. 1325 miles left to go. Isn’t that wild? It seems like I should be further along after all these months of being on the trail. And I feel like I should be having some profound thoughts after all this walking. Not just giggling over butt jokes. 

The rest of the way to the highway was mostly downhill. I passed one lady with nice dogs who asked why I wasn’t flipping up to Washington State now. 

At the highway I stuck out my thumb and started to wait. And wait. Finally a guy pulled over, a water painter on his way to teach a class somewhere. He dropped me off at an intersection 3 miles outside of Chester. And then no one would stop and I ended up walking the rest of the way to town. Luckily there was a Mexican restaurant first thing. 

Town camping was behind the Lutheran Church. Again, all the signs asking hikers to please stop being so drunk and nude. Across the street was a laundry and a weird coin-op shower that never got hot enough. Firefox cooked hotdogs for dinner and then I set up my bed in some dry grass. Friday night meant there was plenty of action at the grocery store parking lot next store. It’s interesting to be back in town, listening to night town noises, noticing the difference.

4 thoughts on “Pct day 91 Halfway There!

  1. Hi Gretchen, I have followed you all the way and have enjoyed your trip. Congrats on getting to the half way mark. Thanks for writing.


  2. Would like to know more about you Gretchen. Where do you live? Do you have a job? Do you have a list of your gear and why you chose what you chose? I’m living through you vicariously so please make it to Canada!


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