Pct day 89

August 28

 1286 – 1300

I got sick in the middle of the night. I was cowboy camping in the sand so no scramble to leave the tent. I just rolled over, barfed in the sand, thought Hey that’s weird, wonder why I’m sick. Then I went back to sleep. Just like a real cowboy. Maybe it was the Tylenol PM, or the bag of Reeces Pieces I scarfed before bed, or maybe that delicious cheeseburger. I feel fine now. Not really looking forward to the climb out of the canyon and I’m putting off starting. I was talking to the owner. Belden is named for Susie Belden, a California Native woman who married a prospector. People still gold mine out here. This strip of buildings used to be five miles long. They called it Longtown, very creative. 

On the other side of the highway, there’s this structure. You could probably sleep in there. That would be a fun place to camp. Except not last night.

I guess my stomach isn’t settled yet. Stupid hill. Met a couple Sobos. Fast walkers.

Oh my gaaawwd, this hill is endless and killing me and gnats are everywhere.

There are metal reflectors nailed to the trees. I guess for finding the path when it’s snowy. Passing hikers have decorated the trail markers with profound and not-so profound messages.

Classic Stephen King
Marc Maron?
I don’t completely disagree.

I got to the top of the hill just in time for the last of the sunset. My tent went up fast and I climbed in. Asleep in no time.

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