Pct day 86

August 25

East Hopkins Seep –  Middle Fork Feather River (1229 – 1250)

It’s official. My exped mat has a slow leak. Counting back, I think I got it in that hut. Maybe a splinter from the wood floor. Stupid hut. And since I don’t have a bathtub handy, I guess I need to find a lake or something. Probably gonna have to get in the water. Ugh that sounds cold.

The light’s strange this morning. I can’t smell smoke. Weather? Fog?

Spray painted pct on rusted sheet metal propped up in the chainsaw forest. Totally legit. Probably I’ve been listening to too many murder podcasts.

The forest is empty. Haven’t see anyone but one small Asian woman wearing thick round glasses and hiking alone.

I walk through meadows of dry crackly toilet paper daisies. It’s very satisfying to stab the dry leaves with a hiking pole as you pass by. There’s a dusty herb with strong scent. Maybe Yerba buena.

I’m running low on candy. I’d like to manifest some candy today.

I ate a spam and cheese quesadilla for second lunch. I’m embarrassed about how much I enjoy spam. I’m starting to worry about food. And coffee. I hope there’s coffee at Bucks Lake. I don’t have time to hitch into Quincy. It looks like a cute town.

7 miles left! Let’s go!! Fuck I’m tired! All downhill! 

I pull up to Feather River well after dark. It’s a nice established site with benches and a fire ring. I eat food before setting up my tent. There are daddy long leg spiders everywhere. A couple try to sneak inside my tent. I pick them up delicately by their legs and put them out. 

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