Pct day 84

August 23

Sierra City – Packsaddle Campground

I was hanging out at the park bathrooms next to the church, charging my devices and making coffee, when a nice lady pulled up in her Suburu. We talked for about a minute and I found out that she was a) living in her car and b) selling homemade organic CBD salve. OMG.

And just two minutes before, I’d been rubbing arnica salve on my feet, thinking well, this is nice but it’s not CBD. I think I manifested up some cannibis oil for my numb toes. And I got to give that lady cash, which she totally needed. We were both stoked. What a stroke of good karma to start the day.

I spent too long hanging out at the store on the wifi. As I walked out of town, I stopped at a bakery and got a brownie for the road.

A guy picked me up and gave me a ride to the trailhead. I wasn’t hitching but I figured I might as well ride a couple miles. I knew there was a lot of climbing coming up. During that ride, I learned that Sierra City is the second best downhill mountain bike course in the world. 1st is in France.

Damn these pinche switchbacks. It was not fun climb. Some nice views, but I was too huffy to notice. I nearly stopped at a pair of sweet lakes. There was a couple car camping on the dirt roads with their dogs. I didn’t want to spoil their vibe so I kept going. I set my goal on Packsaddle Campground with the bear boxes and toilets. As I was coming down a ridge, I could hear the noise of partying from the campground. One guy really sounded like a coyote. I came into the camp, looked around for someplace away from the action. “Excuse me? Are you looking for someplace to camp? Do you want to share our site?” 
A nice couple from San Francisco gave me the corner of their site. After I’d set up my tent and crawled in, the woman brought me a plate! Two sausages, grilled zucchini, and a whole warm baked sweet potato. It was all terrific, especially that sweet potato.

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