Pct day 82

August 21

Peter Grubb Hut – Mules Ear Creek

1161 – 1179

I left super late. Past 9. Something about being indoors made me think It’s cold and I couldn’t get up. I wasn’t the only one. Everyone else was moving slow. Two of the other hikers were on a three day hike. They had cans of food. It was amazing. They just kept cooking more stuff. I had to fully explore the hut. It has solar panels and batteries, so there’s a light at night. Stacks of firewood lined one wall downstairs, huge unsplit chunks that looked ready to fall if some dumb hiker tried to climb up. I’m sure no one would be that stupid. Peter Grubb, it turns out, died at quite a sad young age long ago, from heat exhaustion while on a bicycle trip. Poor Peter. 

My favorite part is the double decker outhouse. I thought the ramp was for access, or maybe something involving horses. Like hay storage, or something. It’s for snow, so you don’t have to crap in the snow. 

Just a lotta walkin today. Or not walking. It’s really hard to get back in the swing of it after a couple days off. I just keep taking breaks and having snacks. 

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