Pct day 76

August 15

1082 – South Lake Tahoe

During breakfast I listened to Marc Maron’s interview with Jimmy O Yang and realized that Crazy Rich Asians would open today and I could go see it!

Talk about some town legs. For once, it wasn’t a burrito dragging me towards town. 

I got into Echo Lake and bought an overpriced ice cream. There was a list of trail angels on the bulletin board but I thought I’d try thumbing it first. Nearly every driver stopped to ask which way I was going. Two Aussies in a rental car were headed towards South Lake Tahoe (SLT). They’d come to California for work conferences and were making the most of their trip. I got to tell them lots of trail stories. 

SLT has a hostel (discount for PCT hikers!) and a movie theater. Tons of crap tee shirt shops. And casinos. Because somehow this is also Nevada. I’ve walked to Nevada now. The hostel is called Mellow Mountain. I told the Aussies to look for the place with the murals and clouds of marijuana smoke. In my dorm, I did my cleaning chores. I swear I wash my feet every day. How are they so dirty? 

I know you’re dying to know. The movie was awesome! I’ve been to so many of those places in Singapore. I started my first big international bike tour there. Back when the Marina Bay Sands hotel was still under construction. Also, I bought the book Crazy Rich Asians in hardcover when it first came out. There are three books in the series and I read them all. I’ve been waiting for the movie for years. 

Afterwards, my head was so in the clouds that I left my phone at a convenience store. Gosh, I hate it when I do spacey stuff. Some super nice guys at the hostel helped me. Thanks, guys, really.

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