PCT day 71

August 8

Red’s Meadow – 918

Smoky morning but I sure did appreciate the real plumbing at the campground. And the wide selection of breakfast foods from the well-stocked hiker boxes. Probably I’ll never get rid of all this food.

I had a nice wander on some extra paths. Great big crowds of dayhikers around. I guess I’ve heard of the Devil’s Postpile. That sounds like something worthwhile to go see. I just wish they’d put an apostrophe in the name.

Why does the devil need a pile of posts? Is he building a satanic fence? The pattern of repeating hexagons bears an interesting likeness to the design on my exped sleeping pad.
You know what it reminds me of? Those old Play-do press toys. You squish the play-do into through a screen and it comes out in hexagonal spaghetti strands. 

Along the path, I interrupted a secret meeting of butterflies. They all flew off at once from the branches of the clubhouse sapling. I had a brief encounter with small slender snake. And the best was the thirsty mule at the stream crossing. That mule did not want to move until he’d had a good drink. I guessed he got loose from the corral down the path so I shooed him down that way afterwards.

Maybe he got real thirsty carrying equipment for fire fighters.

I got my feet wet more than once. There was  one stupid crossing where I thought I could bushwhack an easier crossing. Wrong! I got ridiculously hung up in bushes and had to backtrack. Great idea, Gretchen.

Different plants and animals now. Spring peeper frogs, meadow flowers, quivering aspen.

I came out on a high ridge side with a pretty view of a lake and waterfall beneath. It’d be a fantastic photo if it weren’t so smoky and hazy. I guess the smoke has its own eerie scenic-ness. I caught a smudge of ashes that floated down out of the sky.

Maybe I should catch a ride, skip ahead of this air pollution.

I found some m campsites overlooking a hazy valley. While I was tromping around looking for the perfect spot, I found the entrance to an old mine. It was a square shaped cave, full of rainwater and mud, spooky as hell. I set up my tent far away. For dinner, I made apple cobbler.

2 thoughts on “PCT day 71

  1. You have the best blog, it’s like you’re simply talking to the reader. Nice. Also, you’re not obsessed with miles, you’re allowing the journey to unfold.

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  2. The postpile is composed of basalt columns from volcanic action, we have some here at Dunbar. More well know is the Devil’s Causeway in N. Ireland. The say the devil has all the best tunes, maybe he/she/it has all the best geology as well?

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