Pct day 66

July 30


No passes today!

I am heading to Muir Ranch to raid their hiker boxes like a pirate. The word on Guthooks is to get there at 8 am when the boxes open and hang out from 8-10 while the JMTers go through their resupply and throw out the stuff they can’t fit. 

Is today the day for the 4 hour long Hardcore History podcast episode? I think it is! I’ve been saving this one and I think today’s the day!

Wild onions and tiny wild strawberries. Oops I ate one. Can I eat wild onions? How do I harvest them? 

Boy Scouts and Deet Aw Dad, do you have to wear that full body mosquito net suit? So embarrassing!

The mosquitoes have been biting but I’m not getting bumps

I want an egg salad sandwich. With good eggs from happy chickens. And heirloom tomatoes. It’s backyard tomato season, right? I want a nice poached egg on good toast with butter and slices of heirloom tomatoes. 

Walked by a filled campsite, many filled campsites, so many people. One young couple, dude in Oregon cap talking about how “lots of guys are saying, ‘Man, since that movie Wild came out, all these chicks wanna go out hiking!’”  I think he was making the point about how he wasn’t a douche bro, but could still do a good impression of one. The girl was laughing and nodding. Wish I could’ve eavesdropped more.

There was one river crossing that required getting wet feet. I stomped right in and let my socks get squishy.

I got a little earworm going as I got closer to Muir Trail Ranch. Because there are hotsprings coming up. Lookin for some hot springs baby this evening.

Getting to the springs required a substantial river fording. Which means tomorrow morning will start with wet socks too. It can’t be good for my shoes to be getting soaked through everyday like this. 

The springs were fantastic, btw

One thought on “Pct day 66

  1. Gretchen,
    Wild onions are edible, prepare the stems as you would scallions, the bulbs are typically
    small and would be used the same way you would use the onions you are more familiar
    with , they maybe a little intense so suit to taste. Dig the whole plant up wash and prepare.
    It’s always special when you can find one of natures treats growing wild in the woods.
    I have been reading your posts from the beginning, and have greatly enjoyed them, and
    your tenacity in your journey , I wish you the best in your awesome adventure!.


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