Pct day 53

July 14

Kennedy Meadows (702 – 710)

Some chickens visited our campsite this morning. The next door neighbors let them loose in the campground to eat discarded rubber bands.

My parents’ enthusiasm for camping had definitely waned after the second night. I was proud of them for hanging in for two nights, and with rain added in. It was hard to say goodbye, knowing that I had many mountains of walking to do before we’d meet up again. 

My fears about the Sierras are legion. Are bears going to eat me? Will I run out of food? What if it snows? What if I get swept away in a river crossing? Why does my foot hurt so much? New shoes, why couldn’t we have met 200 miles ago?

The Kern River is amazing. I saw some RVs pulled up at a really prime spot by the river and it just looked like such a nice relaxing vacation. How come I can’t take relaxing vacations? Why am I always doing trips that are painful and dirty? 

It was amazing to see so much water. It seemed impossible that there could be so much water just wandering around, there to drink anytime. I took far too many breaks. I couldn’t seem to pass by all that wetness. Besides, my feet hurt. I needed to take it easy with my new shoes.

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