Pct day 45

July 5

Mile 587 – 606

Again, cold this morning, right until the sun came sizzling over the windmill ridge. I’d hung my clothes on a rope the night before, and my long-sleeve shirt was stiff. The sweat and salt had hardened. The fabric nearly crackled when I folded it. It felt like parchment paper.

I was determined to pick up my speed today. Since I’m incapable of starting early, I would have to walk faster. I started timing myself, playing little head games to bump up my speed. I tried to motivate myself to reach the campground with the spring and the pit toilet. 

The path was dotted with strange holes. I was puzzled till I noticed wasps crawling out. Neat. Digging wasps. Maybe they have underground chambers full of paralized spiders.

So far cell service is rare but not impossible. Ridgelines and peaks are the best places. Anytime there’s a sight line to civilization. I passed a strange beeping structure, sort of like the bunker in Lost. Whatever it was, it had a strong cell signal. 

What a surprise when the desert turned to trees. Tall pine trees and shade and a scent like apples. Being in a forest felt divine. 

I found the marker for 600 miles.These milestones no longer feel real. 100 miles felt like a real thing, but now I can’t really believe that I’m walking these distances. Probably I cheated and then forgot about it. 

I didn’t see another person all day long. I feel like that’s one of my goals, being solitary in nature. How many wild animals do I pass that are hiding in the bushes? Did I pass any bears? I wouldn’t mind seeing one, if it was far away.

I slept under pine trees, on a thick layer of needles. 

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