May 18

Mile 40 to Pioneer Mail Picnic Area

Mile 40 – 52.6


I slept slanty under pine trees and dreamt that the mini pump for my Exped air mat was a hello kitty. Now I think it needs some little kitty character. All ultralight backpacking equipment needs to have at least two functions. It can be a pump and a bed plushy toy. 

I still don’t have any blisters but my feet hurt. I have a rash, it looks like heat rash, on both ankles. I think from the dirty girl gaitors. I’m going to leave them off today and wear pants instead.

I’m at Pine House tavern in Mount Laguna. Eating cobbler and drinking coffee. At the big table there’s some other hikers, a guy from Spain, some dude hiking in flip flops who came from New Zealand but doesn’t sound Kiwi. 

 The cobbler is pretty good. Free refills on coffee and I can plug in my stuff for an hour. In the campground I saw a campsite full of ultralight tents. A dude asked if I wanted to stay but I am good to keep going. It’s the fourth day of hiking and my feet are feeling pretty good. There were long stretches of my feet feeling fine, my back feeling strong. Maybe that was the Aleve.

Big group of hikers came in. They’re all waiting for shoes and rides to San Diego.

It was fun going through  town today. Cobbler was good, interesting listening to people. The owner of that general store was a hoot. The Hiker Box was interesting to finally lay eyes on. I’ve been so curious after all the stuff I’ve read about Hiker Box magic. This one was a little gross. The drift at the bottom was a layer of tampons and mystery bottles of liquid and spilled powders. Like the bottom drawer in a teenage girls’ bathroom.

I walked by some scenery that was so incredible and my photos absolutely do it no justice. I think it’s called Anza Borrego Desert. Words fail me to describe it. I spent a few hours walking on the ridge overlooking the desert valley down below. I wish I was one of those camera people who knew shit about cameras. Today my cell phone camera was not up to task. But maybe you just have to be there to see it. 
The place I’m camped at is called Pioneer Mail Park. 52 miles? I crossed 50 miles. Something like 13 miles today. I really hope tomorrow can be a bigger day.

I found a tiny tick on my pants!

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