Spooky Rides

Stephen King’s house is surrounded by a black wrought iron fence with gargoyles. My couchsurfing host says she’s met the famous author numerous times, once at a party at his house. Not only is he not a snob, he supports plenty of local causes and hangs out with local people. When he’s not too busy writing.

Stephen King’s house!! He’s probably in there, typing away at his next blockbuster. 


True fans will recognize Dysart’s Truck Stop, the inspiration for the short story Trucks and the eighties movie Maximum Overdrive starring Emilio Estevez. I had a tuna melt and fish chowder as I thought about possessed semi-trucks and murderous soda machines.

To celebrate my arrival, I re-watched the mini-series IT after reading that this was King’s most Bangor-based book. Clowns aren’t a big fear of mine,  but I can appreciate their scare potential. I also spent a day reading about real scary stories here. Just to get in the mood. Because October.

October is also when Maine campgrounds all close up for the season. I have been wild camping every night that I can’t find a host. The extensive backroad ATV trails mean there’s always a place, if I’m not too scared of the dark.

Wild camping doesn’t get any better than this. I saw a beaver in the lake that night.
Even I won’t camp here.

I just started reading 11/22/63. Perfect reading because the book opens in the area where I’m riding. The main character even drives up the same highway I rode south on one day. He describes the area in 1958, back when everyone smoked and the mills were still open, spewing out air and water pollution. He also runs into two characters from IT, which I might not have caught if I hadn’t watched the miniseries. I’ll watch the James Franco version of this book once I’m done.

Fall colors give way to creepy stick forests.
The Barrens
Here’s the first spooky forest cemetery I found the other day.
Here’s the second one. My GPS had led me off the main road to a dirt road that turned into an ATV trail and then turned into me being lost in the forest. My GPS might be possessed by some kind of tricky ghost, which could totally be a Stephen King plot line!


One thought on “Spooky Rides

  1. Amazing that you can walk/ride straight to his front walkway. I was up in that area a few summers ago and hadn’t thought to look for all the spots you’re visiting. Good idea to read/re-read/watch the stories. Has to make you feel close to the characters when the stories are fresh in your mind at the time you visit these places.


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