Look at my Thumb


Does this look infected?

The high altitude camping and cold weather is making my skin crack. Both my thumbs have these gnarly cuts that won’t get better. Whenever I stay indoors and get a real bath, they heal a little. Once I’m back on the road, they split open and bleed. Wrapping them up makes it impossible to do anything with my thumbs.

Describing my thumb injuries is my way of humble-bragging about the ruggedness of my bicycle journey. But no matter how much outdoor adventure I manufacture for myself, I will never be as bad-ass as Hugh Glass. I’ve been reading The Revenant: A Novel of Revenge by Michael Punke. Personally, I thought the revenge trip was the least interesting part of the story. Hugh Glass’s life, from being captured by pirates to walking across mountains and deserts to surviving a gnarly grizzly attack, is way more compelling than his quest for revenge. Seated in a well-heated Starbucks with my electronics charging, it strikes me that voyaging across America is not quite as wild and dangerous as it once was.

Monument Valley, Arizona
Vail, Colorado
Just one of my snowy campsites

Hugh Glass slept wrapped in a Hudson Bay blanket, which he also cut up to make bandages for bear wounds. No synthetic fibers, no down sleeping bag, and no Big Agnes tent.

That’s right!

I still manage to be impressed with myself.

All in a day’s work.


3 thoughts on “Look at my Thumb

  1. No, that’s not infected but looks painful. I get those riding in the cold and regular moisturiser clears it nicely but that’s because I’m not riding outside nearly as much as you


  2. Greetings from the cow pasture. I hope you had a warm nights rest. The room I am sure was better than a snowbank. The weather here is unforgiving as you found out. Riding a bike in a blizzard? Welcome to Wyoming!
    It truly is a pleasure to have met you. You do have that mountain man/woman spirit.
    I hope to see you again somewhere down the road.

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