Escape from the Black Hole

Last fall, I removed a big distraction from my life. If you ever feel like your significant other is a distraction or a time waster, it’s probably time to re-examine that relationship.

DSCN9734That last conspiracy theory was the final straw.

DSCN9738DSCN9739Now I’m down to one fuzzy furball distraction. He does like to interrupt my work and talk me into sleeping in late.

And then there is the La Brea Tar Pit of all distractions called Facebook. I’ve never tried blocker apps but I can appreciate how much wasted time they might save. This morning I turned off my wifi until I’d finished drawing comics. That’s a nice accomplishment, but I’ve found that my own self discipline is not consistent or reliable. I need feedback and time limits and rewards to keep up positive momentum. Sometimes it’s as simple as setting a kitchen timer and writing for twenty minutes solid.

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