Cookie Creations


Holiday baking has begun! I took a few dozen decorated cookies to our family Thanksgiving party. The idea for the marbling effect came from SweetAmbsCookies. Her cookies are a little more elegant than mine, possibly because she uses all that professional decorating equipment rather some clunky pastry tips that I bought at a yard sale last summer. I found some cute sprinkles at Safeway that were great for covering up my mistakes. These cookies went over like gangbusters at Thanksgiving. I’ve got two more parties and two more family gatherings to go this season, so plenty more cookie opportunities.

             Kitty cookies!

The kitty cookies, although not precisely seasonal, were my favorite to make. I drew the ears and whiskers by dragging a toothpick through the wet frosting. The kitties started out small and spread out as the frosting hardened. If the frosting hardened. Even after a night in the freezer, some of the first batches didn’t harden. Next time I’ll try to follow the recipe instead of making things up so much.

Blame it on the wine!

Rolling out the dough in powdered sugar rather than flour makes the cookies more delicious. This made my mom a little crazy. She likes to modify her recipes by taking out half the sugar.

I have two work parties coming up for my two jobs. I have one school job and one restaurant job, so I may try for some more themed cookies. Although, actual Christmas cookies? Red and green and tree shapes? Boring!

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