Diamond Lake

October 2

It rained some last night but not terrible. I woke up to an epic cloudy view of Mt. Theilsen. I took a side trail down to a trailhead and came out on a fast highway. The traffic was all motorhomes. I stuck out an experimental thumb, just fooling around really. To my surprise, one pulled over about 1/4 mile up the road. I trotted up and a woman got out the passenger door. “Do you need some help?” She asked me.

“No, I’m just headed up to Diamond Lake.” She opened the back door for me and showed me a padded seat where I could lean myself. It felt luxurious. 

“We just weren’t sure if there was something wrong. I told Don he had to stop. We never pick up hitchhikers but I told him, that’s a girl, we have to stop.” They drove me five minutes up the highway to the resort. In the store, I bought candy and other impulsive type things. In the lobby, I meant to ask for the wifi code and somehow I ended up renting a room. And that lady was so nice, she let me check in hours early. I had the heat turned up high and all my stuff everywhere in seconds. I can really rockstar out a hotel room. Even more when I’ve got the bike.

Wimpy, yeah, but I know what happens to me when it starts getting old. I don’t wash enough and my hands get dirty and then I catch a cold.

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