Pct day 116

October 1

Rim trail  – 1854

Turns out I was close to the road. My stealthy camping skills are well-honed. No one saw me.

I got back on the trail and back-tracked a few feet to a parking lot with a water cache.  While I was filling up, a woman stopped to remind me that it was late to be hiking north and I’d probably be cold. Yeah, thanks. Then another person stopped and gave me some food. She gave me tiny tomatoes and eggs and a sprig of rosemary. Not the usual trail magic, for sure, and I was thrilled. Carrying raw eggs around didn’t sound safe, so I stopped and cooked them up with some instant mash potatoes. Delicious!

After I ate, it rained a little. Just enough so that I would stop, fiddle around to find my rain stuff, and wear it long enough to get hot and sweaty. Then the rain stopped. The forest was mostly sticks and trees.

I saw a trail reflector graffiti that said The wood is watching you. Creepy. It probably is. Sometimes I think about that as I stumble down the trail, talking to myself and farting. 

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