Pct day 98

September 11

Siphon Lake – 1599

I finally stuck my pad in some water and found the leak. The water felt warmer than the air. I wanted to wash myself but the lake was full of big rocks and drowned tree trunks and slime. 

It was nearly a mile back to the trail. I’m glad I walked all that way to the lake though. I’m not going to drink cow water out of puddles.

Mt. Shasta is out! Does that mean the fire is out? 

All day I heard cowbells clanging in the valley below. No people though. Where did all the hikers go? Has the fire chased everyone away?

Woodpeckers thonked against dead wood. There are so many different kinds of woodpeckers here. 

Late afternoon Mt. Shasta was hazy again. I fell on my ass in a stream when I was trying to fill the water bag. It’s a shame no one was there to see because it was funny. Anyway, didn’t hurt and no one saw.

I didn’t think I’d have any luck catching a ride into Etna after dark. I found a spot just before the highway. It felt like it would be a chilly night. I hoped that patch I put on my mat would hold up.

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