Pct day 97

September 10

1571 – 1585

I slept terrible last night. Two nights in a comfie bed and suddenly I can’t sleep on the ground anymore. And I really need to fix that slow leak in my air mattress. 

Oh yeah, and my foot hurt. All day and sometimes alarming. I know I went through this last time I got new shoes. But how much is normal pain and how much is too much?

I was listening to Tough Girl podcast and realized that it was the first day of Sarah Williams’ bike ride and her birthday! She is starting a bicycle tour of the Pacific Coast and then continuing onto the Baja Divide. Listening to her plans made me miss my touring and my bicycle. Hiking is cool and it’s great being in nature away from civilization all the time. But I miss my bike! I rode the Pacific Coast Highway back in 2004 (I have a crazy guy journal about it).

Riding Baja Divide is Part 3 of my adventure plan for 2018. I want to start after Thanksgiving. I still need to buy the bike and a new GPS. I haven’t done any off-road touring before. I imagine it could be pretty challenging. Lots of sand. 

I got to a spring, the last water for awhile. It was muddy with cow hoof prints. Eww. I took a side trail to a lake called Siphon Lake. It was dark when I got there but I could see some good camp spots. 

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