pct day 63: Coffee Angels on Pinchot pass

July 27

Waterslide – 813

The walk up to the next pass took forever. The switchbacks, the chunky rocks, the long fields of boulders. I’m usually the kind of weirdo that likes going uphill. On my bike, or running, I love a good climb. And I do like hiking them, but I like them more once I’ve finished.

My pct experience hasn’t included many trail angels, besides the ones that pick me up hitching. I’ve had this fantasy about angels that appear bearing coffee. It finally happened. At the top of Pinchot Pass. These two boys from Oregon appeared and pulled out their jet boil.

“Coffee? Does anyone want a cappuccino?” While the water boiled, they explained where this magic brew had been made.

“Our friend has an Excalibur. Have you heard of it?”

“Is it a sword in a stone?” I asked.

“No, it’s a dehydrator. You pour in the cappuccino and it makes it into powder.” 

I did not know that dehydrators did magic like this. 

I had to stand aside for the mule trains a couple times. They were carrying some tools for trail crews. Thank you, trail volunteers!

I came to a river that I couldn’t manage the log crossing. The long was too high, too slender, and the approach was iffy. Just too sketch. I took off my shoes and went barefoot. On the shore, I dried my feet and put on my socks and shoes. Then I walked into next creek and soaked my right foot. It wasn’t even a proper creek, just a seep in the grass. 

At lunch I dropped some albacore tuna onto my clothes. I’m sure I smelled like yummy bear snacks.

The trail is getting crowded. I passed by some big camp spots full of people, but I wanted a quiet night under the full moon. Tomorrow morning I have another pass and I want to see if i can get over the next one faster. I found a perfect little grove hidden in some trees with just enough room for my tent.

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