I live here now

On Presidents Day, I moved to South Korea. Yes, the timing was on purpose. I’d intended to move back to Asia to teach after my bike trip. Around the start of November, I moved the timeline up. Because, well, you know.

IMG_0404Here’s my bike, disguised as a wheelchair, in my new apartment. My apartment, BTW, is paid for by my school. As well as my flight here. The bike flew for free, not because she looks like a wheelchair, but because Asiana Airlines is just cool like that.

IMG_0453Here’s my boss. He’s a hoot. I’m not sure if hanging tissues out your nose is a normal remedy for a stuffy nose, or if Roy does it because that’s just how he rolls. In my life experience of too many jobs to fit on a one-page resume, Roy is the Best Boss Ever. Because he does things like dangle tissues out his nostrils while taking everyone out for dinner at the Pig Intestine BBQ.

Here’s another endearing fact about South Korea. Just recently, they impeached their president for corruption.

IMG_0436IMG_0437IMG_0418 One reason that I keep returning to Asia is the cute. Ever since my first trip to Thailand, many years ago, I have been fascinated by the characters and the cuteness. I suppose this sounds weird and superficial and not grown up, but I get so much joy from the never-ending weird cuteness here.

Also there’s that thing where the schools are safe and the students are ultra-respectful and teachers make a decent salary. Call me spoiled, but I like those things.


10 thoughts on “I live here now

    1. The bike just sort of turned into a wheelchair-looking thing when I took it apart and packed it. I thought that might help me avoid the airline bicycle fees – which can be as much as the original ticket price – but that turned out to be unnecessary.

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  1. Love your story. I am not going to complain (too loudly) about America but you have some very valid comparison points.

    Pat Steinfeld


  2. Hi, I’m preparing to cycle around the world starting in late summer, after years of preparation. My house has sold, my stuff going into storage, my young adult daughters living their own life adventures, just me, and ready to live that lifelong dream. I expect to be away for more than 3 years, much more, and I found your page while looking to see how people felt about solo cycle touring. All the best. Steve


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